Monday, November 17, 2003

4:29 pm
ugh silly computer. weekend-
friday- got foodstuff w/ kirsten, decorated the basement w/ everyone, we waited for 20 minutes in the dark and vic was def. on a sugar high or something cause he kept yelling SURPRISE randomly. and nathan took pictures in the dark. then she came downstairs w/ thyles and she was surprised & so she opened presents and then we ate and hung out and watched "finding nemo" and then talked. it was good.
saturday- slept til 10:30, relaxed awhile, worked on my ERP on and off all day- 10 slides baby!! watched some of "the women" and LoTR (extended version tomorrow!!! :D) and went to the SMS production of schoolhouse rock- brandon and kelly were there, so was ms. B (well duh) and elijah and my youth peoples. yepyep. it was cute. then dad got the party pics from cvs, we got sandwiches from publix, and came home and watched LoTR TTT. yay. and also the vicar. it was the songs of praise one. then showered and slept.
sunday- went to sunday school where they were singing. it was fun. ben ROCKS that bass (is it bass or base?) he can play "seinfeld" on it!!! hahaha. then john wasn't there so me, nathan, mollie, and george walked down to the village and sat and talked for like an hour. then me and molls walked back to church and sat upstairs... pretty good service. next week is youth sunday- doxology 94!!!!! yesssssss. heehee. then came home and hung out, ate a little bit... mommy came home! went to leslee's potluck which was of course yummy. then choir a little early to talk to wes about next sun. then we had choir... then talked to wes more, went down to starbucks for like 5 minutes and got a chai latte. came back and sat and looked @ fall retreat pics w/ rae. sang songs... made up prayers for next week. it was funny, we were all talking at once and rae and chris b. were our helpers. haha. then we went up to the gym and started playing sardines all around the building. brian hid first and me and nathan and sometimes kady walked around enjoying ourselves trying to find him. i really had a great time just walking around. we finally found him in a really easy spot we had passed nearly 4 times. circled up in the memory garden and then talked to megs and nathan and peoples for awhile. :) came home.
today was fun. really good. no complaints. swim team in 2 hours. that'll be tough but i guess it gets easier every time. BYE!

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