Wednesday, November 12, 2003

4:29 pm
hi, tomorrow c'est jeudi! yay. i have had an achey stomach most of the day but right now after chai tea it is doing better. i hope it feels ok for swimming. today is the only practice day this week. Tomorrow night is the parent booster meeting thing so no practice then, yay. i am listening to gaelic storm special reserve from mason's room. it is awesome. it's pretty outside. we got a new bus and bus driver. hrm. i liked the old one. ah well, c'est la vie. can't wait til friday- family dinner!!!!!! excitement. love all of em. ;) so swim practice is in like 2 hours and after that i have a youth committee meeting (WORSHIP AND MUSIC ROCKS MY WORLD) to discuss youth sunday which is the 23rd. i'm glad allie and i decided to have one with all our committee peoples. i am wearing my tres cool "strong ties" shirt. red red red. had an eclair for snack. ahhh yay breakfast club tomorrow morning and it's amy's birthday!!!!! :-D she & megs are 3 days apart, i never realized that. i wonder what's happening for youth on sunday. it's so CUTE- T is taking megs out to dinner on fri. for her bday!!! awwww. hehe. i am beginning to memorize lots of "les mis" from listening to it. right now on gaelic storm it's "after hours at mcganns" or however you spell it... ahhh i miss ireland!!! is freaky sometimes. i really should work, i have a lot of work to do. byebye!!

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