Saturday, November 01, 2003

4:24 pm
hi i am talking to david right now. i just finished watching "the women". before the lock in yesterday, me and allie and megs went out on the corner and held signs that said FREE PUMPKINS and we yelled at people and they honked and smiled and waved at us. it was so cool! SAVE A PUMPKIN, TURN RIGHT!!! hehe. it was really fun at the lockin. skating, trick or treating for cans, talking, sitting outside in the pumpkin patch til 1 AM... i stayed up til 2:30 and then decided to go to sleep. so i slept til 7:30ish. then dad picked us up and i came home and made tea and slept til 11:30 or so. my arms are sore, i think from skating. stayed up there for awhile. then i ate pizza and relaxed and yeah... i need to figure out my topic for flowers' ERP. hehe funny name. i have gaelic storm stuck in my head. today is beautiful, it seems too springlike to be november. ooh but i do love this time of year. saturdays rock. i do NOT wanna go all the waaaay out to CHS for swim team practice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waahhhhhhhhhh whine whine whine. WHY did lakeside have their pool painted now?!!?!? groan. my hands smell like bath and body works. steak for dinner, YUMM! i do confess i am v. excited about getting back into swimming... i miss the water. and hey, it's only an hour practice 3 days a week. how much more flexible can ya get? birds are chirping crazily.
when the sky is gray
look out to sea
when the waves are high
and the light is dying
raise a glass
and think of me
when i'm home again boys
i'll be buying


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