Saturday, November 29, 2003

4:16 pm
hi, today has been productive so far as i've wished. last night i went over to nathan's and had a movie night with him, wes, mon petit frere, megs, LK, emmy, and george. we watched "murder by death" and "bruce almighty". i still want to see "the emperor's new groove".
today i slept til 9:30, got up and showered, then made pumpkin bread. it was fun and daddy assisted me. then i revised "casey" which is going very well, thanks for asking. incorporated some instances of the week, a little bit. very cool how that tends to happen. cleaned room a little, did a little work oh and i washed dishes too. cleaned bay windows as well in living room. took doggies for a walk with mom and dad, ate pumpkin bread... i need to finish my ERP once and for all and be able to present it. i just wanna get it over with like lizzie. tonight i would like to watch a movie or just relax.. no britcoms for some reason. ah well.
it will be sadness to walk in to SS tomorrow and to not see david since he did not come home for thanksgiving. *sniff* i cannot wait til xmas. 3 MORE WEEKS OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that means 15 days in ms. R's class left. :( that is sad. but otherwise, i am happy about it. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn ok i cannot wait til RoTK. just read some interviews. yayza. doggies are barking, silly little ones. yeesh it is chilly outside. pumpkin bread is so good. allrighty, c'est tout. au revoir mes amis, je t'adore!!

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