Sunday, November 23, 2003

3:24 pm
i just spent a wonderful hour lolling on the living room floor in the warm sun. it was tres nice. now i really need to study for my silly econ test tomorrow about which i know not much at all. tonight is junk food potluck and invite-a-friend = karaoke! heehee. i don't have a friend to invite though... all of my friends will already be there mainly. last night, me and mom and dad watched the PBS "oklahoma" w/ hugh jackman. it was awesome. he has such a good voice and he can dance!!
unfortunately today we had to get up at 7:00 to get to church @ 7:50. groan. but we did and the whole youth sunday thing was fun. sistah e was at the early service!! in our welcome, i said "we'd like to give a big hello to our friend elizabeth. we love you!!" hehe. the music went well, etc... and the sermons were soooooooooooo excellent. kady was so great and poised giving her speech about faith. so courageous, so beautiful. laura and kat were HILARIOUS! "oh look out there... on the eastern sky... is that a hint of light?" "no, laura, that's ELIZABETH!" "oh! hi, elizabeth!" and all that about calculus and college applications and then all those stories that i had heard over and over and over... sooooooooo funny. scott's was so great bc i feel like i've never really known him well and he's always seemed fairly gruff to me but he spoke about john so powerfully and how he had touched him and how his class had meant so much. he's right, it's such a special class. i loved it. and i just wish john could have been there to hear it, but he has been in the hospital for something kidney-related and now he's home... it was great. and we sang doxology 94!!! hehehe that made me happy. i loooooooooved that. so it all went well. went to lunch w/ nana and pop pop. it was yummy comme d'habitude. so i need to go study and then we have choir and youth. and only 1 1/2 days of school this week!!!! heeheehee... little bro has to go talk to his GF... hahahahaha.

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