Sunday, November 30, 2003

12:55 pm
last night mom and dad and i ate chili and watched "when harry met sally". i do love that movie. then we watched some of austin powers 2. it's the best one, i love dr. evil and mini me. they're hilarious.
this morning i arose, went to sunday school. john was there, i'm glad he's outta the hospital and he looked good. hope rae's dad is doing well too. sat w/ nathan and molls and harper was there, so were george, cole, scott, robbie, and his cousin will. we talked a lot about where will was from and stuff. and football that i don't comprehend. and we actually had a sunday school moment or two about advent! yay. then at church i sat w/ ma famille cause not many peoples were there up in the balcony. it was fun. i just had chili for lunch and need to complete my ERP once and for all, groan. but then i get to go to choir early for ensemble stuff. and wes wants molls and myself to do "what child is this"! i love that so much. i must keep my voice in shape for the next month or so. very much in shape. lessons and carols is in two weeks, that'll be fun. and then in 3 weeks- school will be out, we will have seen RoTK, college peoples shall be home!!!!!!!! yay. but i have to get thru 3 more swim meets, presenting ERP, maybe more essays, hard math, and finals first. ok must dash. i love being a writer and writing "casey". LOVE

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