Sunday, November 02, 2003

1:20 pm
my right side of my jaw really hurts. today is all saints so happy all saints. i looove "the women" it is soo funny. and i cannot WAIT til FALL RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeehaa. i really wish it would feel more like november than it does. please please please let it get cold! had chuch til around 12:15 and then went to blimpi and then came home. i need to be certain on my ERP topic and then finish my math. that's all my work, thank goodness. at 4 there is a meeting about the drama production, then choir at 5 (come to the water!!!), then youth. i hope it will maybe be a program on darryl, meg, phil, and lauren... that would be really interesting. i could bring my pic of me and meg that i have on my desk. i am looking forward to swimming really; i miss the water and i need exercise. it's fairly flexible the majority of the time anyway, the times we go to LHS and not CHS. ouch, ouch, jaw... growll. oh yea and i have an orthodonist appt. tomorrow. groan x 10000. blahblahblah. i really really want fall retreat to come (what what!). love yall much

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