Saturday, October 11, 2003

9:56 pm
saturday night saturday night.
last night we picked up megs and then went to panera and then came home and watched TITANIC. we figured out how stupid jack is. he could have made rose scoot over on that piece of furniture and they could have both sat on it and LIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn it jack dawson that wasn't very smart of you and you were fairly smart as i recall. anyway. i looooove the verrrrry end where she dies and goes back to titanic and they're all there and jack's waiting at the clock. i hope that really happened. hehe.
so then we went downstairs and watched some of "save the last dance" and such. went to bed around 12:30ish and woke up at 9. went to breakfast at the grill w/ mom and dad and NN and PP (megs came too). had 2 cups of hot tea, and a wonderfully huge waffle with chocolate chips in it and whipped cream and syrup on it. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! delicious. it was nice and rainy- perfect saturday. came home and crashed and then decided that megs wanted to give me a makeover, so she put makeup on me and i tried on different outfits and we took pictures with the digital camera. it was fun, except i hate the application of eye makeup. yuck.
we went to pumpkin selling at 4, stopping by the megs' house first, and saw george and hamp selling. geo. said that austin had been by to get a pumpkin!!! damn i missed him! haven't seen potiphar in like 2 months. sadness. oh well. nice to know he's in the neighborhood at times. so we sold with my bro and KD and stuff. fun. and LK came in the middle of it so we hung out. COLDNESS! then dad drove a verrry squished car to willy's where we got dinner and then back to the student parking lot to wait for peoples for take back the night. but they never came. only maija came. so we added one more person to our VERY squished car and off we went to the race.
we hung out and saw people we knew and i think megs and LK were going a little nuts, hee. so then we cleaned up some and LK's mom took us home. and now we are home. and i need to shower and sleep cause the girls choir is singing at both services demain matin and wes requests, no, requires, that we be there at 8 am sharp. yayay, can't wait, i'll tell ya that. okeydokey, bye guys and gals! i love yas
6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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