Wednesday, October 01, 2003

9:44 pm
damn the cubs just tied it. nononononononono cmon my guys we were up by one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now dad is not in a good mood bien sur. moi non plus though it was expected i guess. but still optimism rains. hehe. not reigns. it's the 8th inning too. don't fall apart now!! groan. playoff blues, i got the playoff blues... like i do every single year. give me a birthday present for gosh sakes!!!!! ok i'll stop knocking on them to say that stupid blogger just erased the blog that i was in the middle of writing. dontchya hate that? groan. anywayanyway. today was good. school was fine. we painted in art today, the cup and pitcher and apple still life which i really like. only 7 more days o/ DE!!! sim was easy. mom picked me up and i went home and did my math and DE hw and then mase, me, and mom went to the volleyball game at school. we lost two out of the three against DHS but not everyday is a winning day, ah well. go my megs and AJ and kate and jen and LK and everyone. then we went to church supper and ate and i went to the new youth bible study @ the yaab and met diane who teaches it and her daughter meredith. both very nice and it was a lot of fun, i got to tell all about the youth group that i adore and the church and everything. i had a lot to say, hehe. we talked about forgiveness. then dear ones NN and PP took me home and i came home and talked to mom about islam to prove to myself that i know a lot about it and i will be fine on the essay demain, and then i took about 2 extra pgs. of notes so i think i am pretty well prepared for it. now this. halle berry and eric benet broke up! ack! nooo. silly hollywood couples. the left side of my neck hurts.. well, it's really under my chin. i'll ask pat tomorrow mornin, speaking of which, i have the appt. at 6:45 IN THE AM. yuck! but then breakfast club. and then nothing after school. guess i'll watch "8 simple rules" cause i taped it. and "friends" and stuff. but i have a mult-choice test in AP W on friday so gotta study for that too. byebye. i love yall verry much. god go with you

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