Sunday, October 05, 2003

9:29 pm
ahhh today was fun. YAYAYYYYY!!! :) woke up around 8:30ish and went to starbucks and then to sunday school, good times. LOUD times really. then went to most of church and stuff and then went to PUMPKIN UNLOADING BABY!!!!!! FUN FUN FUN! got in the truck bien sur. took us til about 12:30 to 2:50. less peoples i think since it was right after church. but it was fun. we danced around to music and i nearly lost my voice yelling and singing really loud. it was fun. i gots muscles now, hehe, jk. but tomorrow i think they will be soreness city. it was fuuuunnn. and now the yaab yard is full of pumpkins, heehee. went home and slept for about 30 minutes and didn't have time to do homework cause i had to change out of my sweaty clothes. then went BACK to church for choir... went ok, i was really hungry and tired by the end because i had only had one piece o/ pizza at pumpkins. INTERRUPTION: THE STUPID CUBS SCORED AGAIN DAMN DAMN DAMN THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uhggggggggggggggggg i wanna go to the series. lord. pleasepleaseplease. anyway, then chris the wonderful carpooled us sr. high over to george's house. FUN! there were not many of us there: me, nathan, allie, addy, megs, kady, ben r., christina, chris, daniel, george, robbie, etc. fun fun fun. the cavs have an AMAAAAAZING HOUSE!!! yeesh. i didn't get in the hot tub but others did. hung out w/ nathan and lester and gabrielle and george and stuff. we ate blimpi and chips and cookies and cake and talked and then had a devotional and watched the baseball and soccer games. g2g

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