Wednesday, October 22, 2003

9:15 pm
whey, hey, hey laddie hey, hey hey hey we'll drink the night away. i realllly like that song. today was looooooooooooooong. went to school which was okay. then went to floatbuilding at ben's house. it was ehhhh so so, i don't think i'll go tomorrow though cause though LK and megs were there, not many of my other friends were and i spent a lot of time "pomping". plus i don't like it when people beat up on the freshman kid. so then i went to wNS and bible study. lauren is soooooooooooo funny!!! she gets so hyper and makes me laugh. hmmm i wonder who she likes??? ;) think think think. sheridan and katie rock too; and dianne, meredith, and melinda are really nice. i WISH i didn't have swim team at the same time starting next week!!! groan. talking to mary ann right now. i need to sleep cause i have a pat appt. at 6:45. yuck. but our pres in ap WH shouldn't be horrible cause F won't be there. ok bye

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