Tuesday, October 07, 2003

9:10 pm
halloish there. ack hot tea. today was fine, but i need to get to sleep earlier. 10 pm at the latest. anyway, math was ok and then ap world was annoying cause flowers was gone (ahh dang hehe) but we had this readaround thing. wasn't too horrible. art was FUN cause rushton wasn't there either... oh well but we got to watch THE LION KING!!! dude i have not seen that movie in forever. it is SO good. one of my faves, esp. for disney. the wonderful story and incredible music, african savanna... etc. etc. lunch was normal, d.ed was fine cause we had simulation. then went home and went straight to the cross country meet- this was county. everyone did well, i was verrry proud of my dear bo cause she got back up after she stopped- TWICE! i love her and she did beautifully. twas all funness. then came home and went back out to walk doggies with mommy. then ate homemade pizza for dinner. then did some homework and taped "8 simple rules" (last one with john ritter... sob). math homework was longish and annoying. haven't worked much on my outline today but i've been doing well on it steadily for about two weeks. so that's good. talking to my A right now. megs is staying over this weekend!! YAY! can't wait for a movie fest. and- 10 DAYS TIL MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D grin grin grin
tomorrow is WNS and bible study and stuff. more busyness. time for sleep after teatime!!
ps- 2 yrs ago the usa started bombing afghanistan- my how time flies
pps- wonder who will be gov o/ the big CA tomorrow mornin? HASTA LA VISTA, SIGNOR DAVIS?

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