Tuesday, October 14, 2003

8:33 pm
as i just said in my email to david, hola bonjour howdy.
and yawny. teacher breakfast at quarter til 8 this morning but not many people showed up; however, i still got my hour and a half. yay! that should add it up to around 8 1/2 hours i guess. good good good. 3 1/2 to go for the semester. math was fun because i ended up understanding the midterm review a lot better and it was nice that rossy was back today. ap world was ok, presentations started. i feel ok about ours, or at least my part of it, although i do like going first and wish we were this time. i hope everyone buckles down and gets their part done. art was fine, finished the still life thing. those white shape things are hard to draw. lunch was normal. wish paul was there so i could laugh more, but it's still fine. then went to reading enrichment aka SAT prep (or as dr. L says "sat" prep, hah:D)... wasn't that bad. we had to put sentences in order in a paragraph and then we have 20 easy vocab words that as she put it "Some of you might not know..." um excuse me? "tolerate"? "Hibernate"? congregate? dubious? unless i am just really above most people in my grade as far as reading goes, i think most of us know these. oh well, not complaining i guess. went to swim team meeting after school; we had lotsa peoples, around 35 i would imagine maybe. lotsa freshies. it felt good to be an old hand, also that rushton and cammack know me. practice starts on the 27th. should be good. talked with nazia and kirsten for a few minutes outside and then mom picked me up and i came home and worked on hw and ate lasagna and walked the dogs and did more work and then have been doing this. i need to study for my midterm now though. demain c'est le metaphorical thursday, yayay. it is wiiiiinnnndddyy and cool and the windows and doors are open so we're enjoying it. can't wait til thursday and friday. muchos muchos fast go you time! hehe. peace yall

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