Thursday, October 09, 2003

7:25 pm
hi. FRIDAY TOMORROW!!! & the last day of DE!!!!! & Megs is spending the night, and also Sat., and also Sun.!!! WOW! this morning i went to breakfast club with megs, chris, daniel, reid, and (late but still there!) amy. it was fun and yummy. oh yea and ken was there too w/ eric and mom and jane. then i went to school and took my math test.. ok, but i always blank out on vertex form, grrrr. then we went to AP WH and BEAT A STUDENT DAY!!! if you haven't heard of it, it's fun and funny. lotsa people weren't there cause ms. crow's class went to go see "the tempest" (and i quote afterwards by LK: "the worst thing i've ever seen", hehe) so we had a lotta empty seats. ms. ross came down to watch it, and i have seen it before so i knew that the shield was gonna fly into pieces and i was sitting in front so i moved and sat on a back desk. and ms. ross and justin and candice huddled over near me too. and ms. R's eyes got wider and wider and wider as flowers used the tickler and the axe and the sword and the big bat thing on peter with his chain mail and stuff. it was HYSTERICAL!!!!!! i was nearly crying cause i was laughing so hard. goodtimes dudes. then art was fun, i finished my piece. rushton is really funny. he'll be a good swim coach i think. lunch was fine. then DE was fine too- last simulation! sniff, NOT. hehe. came home and on the bus sang beatles and grease and row row row your boat w/ palmer and andrew and others. and talked w/ LN and lauren. fun fun fun. came home, ate rice krispie treats, watched "8 simple rules", relaaaxed, etc. ate mac and cheese, broccoli and peaches for dinner. "friends" is on in 25 minutes. THATS IT! Oh and megs is staying with us all this weekend; yay! hehe. byebye
8 DAYS TIL M BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

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