Monday, October 20, 2003

6:40 pm
just finished venting loooongly to allie. i hope she responds soon. anyway. even better, i wish she would get online. last night was pretty good, it was capture the flag but i didn't play because we all know that is NOT clairey's fave game of all time. ooooh mase is listening to the "pirates" soundtrack. GORGEOUS!!!! damn, david can't come home for thanksgiving. that makes me sad. oh well. christmas it is then. last night i stayed up til 11 finishing my research paper (even though i did NOT procrastinate on it!!!) today i was realllly tired and math was okay and we had an old sub in AP WH that i felt sorry for but we don't have 1st or 2nd tomorrow cause of psats, whoo hoo. art was fun and i had panera sandwich for lunch cause i walked to the village last night and got one. reading lit was easy too and then i had a GHP mtg. i think i'm not gonna do it though b/c i wanna go to the virgin islands and ireland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heeheehee. came home and wrote, relaxed and now am doing this. should make sure i am ready for my presentation whenever that may be. my jaw has cracked a lot today. tomorrow is tuesday. and instead of going to see CC regionals like i'm DYING to, i get to go take the de onst. test for the 3rd dang time!!! WHOOHOO!!!! can ya tell i'm psyched- NOT!!! growl. i think daddy is home. just talked to sistah e for a minute there. it is nice outside. i should go to floatbuilding sometime soon. like before friday when the parade is. to go to the dance or not to go to the dance? c'est la question. hrmness. ok byebye yall, love

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