Thursday, October 30, 2003

6 pm
hi happy birthday little brother. dum da dum. LK's surprise pty was great, I GOT TO RIDE IN A LIMO!!!! megs: can we get in?!!? (gets in) oooooh! champagne glasses!!! ooooh!!!
LK as she gets in: oh my. ohhh. hello.
and yes, yes, i used the WRONG end of the butter knife.
megs: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
but i love my megs. and LK and adrienne. it was fun. oh yes and emily and claire. LHS peoples. yummy food @ LK's house.
today was fine. breakfast club and math and "economics" and art and lunch and sat prep. i could delve deeper but at the momento i do not feel like doing so. ok i spose i'm a bit jealous of little brother getting a card from all his friends at school- but why the heck am i complaining? i got a SURPRISE party from my best friends!! jeezness. ok gbye TGIF demain

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