Monday, October 06, 2003

5:42 pm
i have a headache and i am up here drinking chai tea and trying not to be frustrated that i have to retake the DE test for a third damn time. although it does piss me off a whole damn lot. could you tell? but i will try and put that behind me and figure it out as i go along i guess. it is cloudy outside, which has seemed to fit my mood ever since 3:00 this afternoon. but there are chicken and dumplings for dinner, i have had ice cream and am drinking tea, and i am listening to the lordoftherings voices. ahhhh even orly's voice is hot!! hehe. oh yes and another thing that made me feel better was that i received a package from sister KATIE!!! she sent me a birthday card, and this really pretty little hummingbird chime necklace and a bookmark. it made me feel very special and reminded me that i love my birthday because i get lots of recognition. :) hehe. i am looking forward to a movie fest spend the night thing with megs on friday and saturday. was reading return of the king on the bus home- such a brilliant book. poor poor smeagolgollum. oh yes and to continue about last night, we were watching the game- i think it was me, chris, christina, nathan, robby, and daniel. and maybe ben. anyway. i was yelling a lot at the tv cause frankly i was pissed off at my boys for sucking through the game.. well it was only the 2nd inning but we were still losing 2-zip! and the guys were all like CALM DOWN! well it was mainly chris, hehe. and i said i'm sorry guys but i've unfortunately inherited the trait from my grandfather that i yell at the tv when i'm mad. so deal. and WE LOST IT DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT!!!!! growl. ok that's all of that. tomorrow is tuesday. at least it's sim., dear god. 4 more days o/ DE though!!!! although i've gotten used to the long bus rides. i love chai tea. it reminds me of christmas. my arms really hurt cause of pumpkins. i love megs and laura. they rock. and laura r. as well- BAAAAA! she and allie were going nuts yesterday. they played fun music- nsync (ha!), "consider this" (which i've had stuck in head allllll day), the lion king, tarzan, etc. and of course the pumpkin tradition- LOVE SHACK BABAY. hehe. good times. need to listen to my shepherd will supply my need to calm moi down. i hope it rains after mom and mase get back from their walk with the puppies. jeez it's nearly 6. christopher lee has a really low voice. ok i think that's truly all for now. byebye folks i love yall.
~clarice THAT IS WHAT EVERYONE ON THE BUS CALLS ME WHEN THEY SAID GOODBYE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god it reminds me of eric and david and chris and austin. my dearest big brothers in the whole wide world.

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