Tuesday, October 28, 2003

5:27 pm
HI! today was a WONDERFUL day!!!! ok, #1, i have pas de devoirs!! for those of yall who are silly and don't comprends les francais- i don't have any homework!!!! heeheeheehee... #2- yet again, today it is a bit wet and gray and cold which makes it an even more wonderful day, esp. to not have homework. mase is annoyed bc i don't have any. wish he didn't... his bday is thursday and LK's is tomorrow. i am on the gaelic storm website. anyway, i understood scientific notation in math and in AP WH i got a 93 on the open book test and then i felt like i did pretty good on the one today. in art i started painting my name, it looks cool. reading enrichment was easy of course. now i am home and i'll probably write some of casey. my new gaelic storm cd is AWESOME if i do say so myself. thanks pat and the boys! hhehe. okeeeeeeeeey bye

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