Friday, October 17, 2003

5:12 pm
HIIII HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!! and eminem, but who cares :)
i can't write long because i have to finish cleaning up because my party is in less than an hour but LAST NIGHT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!
i tho't i was just gonna have dinner @ mick's with mom, dad, mase, nana, and pop pop. BUT- when i get there, guess who's sitting at our table?
there is this great picture that dad got of me that has me with my hands clapped to my mouth in shock. because that's exactly what it was. i was NOT in a zillion years expecting megan to be the driving force of a surprise party for me!!!! i was so happy and so thankful that my best friends in the world wanted to spend this time with me AND show up for my party @ 6. i was shaking for like 30 minutes bc i was so surprised. all my favorite people at my favorite restaurant for dinner! perfect. i had a brilliant brilliant x 1000 time!! THEY HAD BEEN PLANNING IT SINCE FALL CAMPING!!! AHHHHHHHHH! I felt so stupid!! (in a good way, hehe) i adore them and it was great cause i could act myself and shriek and be excited with them because i trust them all and feel so comfortable around them. i'll give more details later. PEACE!!!!!!

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