Saturday, October 04, 2003

4:50 pm
ok you know what? this is getting really annoying. my blog keeps disappearing. growl. ok. ok. anyway. last night was fun (for the THIRD time that i've tried to write this). me, mom, and dad ate panera and watched the two towers. today i woke up around 8:30 and dad and i went around the d.e. center for practice. i was scared and i cried a little but it's ok and i think i'm doing better, better enough to hopefully pass the retest. anyway. i have been weeding outside for about 2 hours. so i am all dirty and tired but it's so nice outside, the great cool air. i need to work on my research paper outline. tomorrow is PUMPKINS after church and then youth is at george's house!! YAY! let me at that heated floor!! :) i am hungry. we had chik fil a for lunch. steak for dinner i think, whoa, it's a meat eating day. also need to read a chapter or two of AP WH. the test yesterday seemed to go well, i felt really good about most of it. i hope that means i did well. sniffy nose. mom and dad are home. need to call amy about something. HUNGER!! 13 days til my birthday!! :-D

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