Monday, October 27, 2003

4:27 pm
aloha, today is a nice day because it is soooo chilly outside and it reminds me of the holidays. plus all i have for homework is to study for my ap world history test. today we had a COM essay but it wasn't as bad as i thought. at least i wrote four pages of SOMETHING or other. i cannot BELIEVE that the IDIOT KIDS in my class asked ms R to buy them BEER at the game!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was soooo right to say hell no. that is so stupid stupid stupid. uhnnnnnnnnnnnnngh. she is fun though. the day was nice and it's nicer now that i'm home.
yesterday was AWESOME! mase and i went to starbucks of course and then to church cause we had to sing. we sang well and wesley preached on money which pisses alot of us off... i was scribbling "money sucks" and "this sermon is soooooooooooo annoying" on my bulletin and i drew a cross with a $ hanging off it. verry symbolic if i do say so myself :) megs liked it. then we went home and ate fried chicken from publix and then i took a nap and finally worked on my essay stuff. then we went to choir and it was POURING down rain so everyone came in soaking with an umbrella. we are singing "come to the water" again!!! but this time i have no diane to dance with me!! sniff sniff. it's ok, i danced anyway.
then we went to the yaab and buffy came to buy a pumpkin! yay! buffy! heehee. when she and alex come to visit it's like they're not gone. i like that. and i heard from david yesterday too which was good. yayayayay. i had pizza and liz gave me 1/2 of her italian combo!!!! wow i love her soo much! we had an AWESOME speaker from the university. he ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!! dr. thomas tangarash if anyone wants to know. he is so enthusiastic and joyful and it was fun to hear him.. i couldn't stop smiling! he has wonderful ideas about people with other religions. it was great. then we played psychiatrist and clairebee was the wonderful new one. it was funny comme dhabitude. then we circled up and then left.
today in the paper there was an article about an episcopal chaplain at a private school that was asked to write a column in the school paper about how he felt about gene robinson being elected as a bishop since he was gay. and he said yes, he thought that it was spirituality and not sexuality that counted. and i said AYMEN PREACHER!!!!!!!!! the school told him he could either apologize to all the people he had offended by saying that or quit. he quit. and again i say AYMEN PREACHER!!!!!!!! so today in the article they talk about people who weren't ok with his article and they have this guy quoted as saying "now we are being told it's ok that gays can be good christians."
OH MY GOSH. THAT MAKES ME SOOOOOOOOOOOO PISSED OFF. what an arrogant, stupid, stupid, STUPID, ignorant REMARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO.... god loves EVERYBODY!!!! homosexuality is based on love ANYWAY! i don't care if you think it's wrong or right, it doesn't matter, god accepts EVERYONE!!!!! ok that's all. byebye i love yall

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