Monday, October 13, 2003

4:20 pm
ahhhhhhhhhhh the metophorical tuesday, hehe. anyways greetings all~~
last night was fine. went to choir and started on "riu riu chiu" which i remember them all singing in '99 at lessons and carols; as i recall, david, beth, florence, and someone else (maybe chris h?) had solos. it's a cool song. the gals also got to sing "my shepherd will supply my need" for the guys. then we went to the yaab and hung out til 6:30 and we had two separate programs on forgiveness. the senior high watched a video that george cav brought about karla faye tucker, the woman in texas who was executed five years ago. i remember reading about her vividly. it was an interesting video because it was about how she became a born again christian in prison and about the brother of the woman she murdered who also became a christian. he forgave her and they became very good friends. cool story. then we went home & megs the brilliant cut her take back the night shirt and sewed it (WITHOUTH A SEWING MACHINE! GAAAASP!) with pretty matching fabric. then we went to sleep.
we had to wake up early this morning so we could stop by her house first so she could feed pippi and put her stuff away. then we were at school at 7:45 so we waited for 30 minutes. we had a sub in math and we have a midterm on wed. so we worked on our review. it's funny cause i have understood all the stuff we've done in class but at the moment the worksheet is really confusing. funny how that works. and it was freezing in there. world history was pretty good. nothing strange i don't think. art was good, lunch was good- and after lunch i didn't have to go to DE!!! i have dr. L for "reading enrichment", whoo hoo. it shouldn't be that bad. it is so nice to be home at 4 instead of 4:45 or so. BYE YALL!

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