Sunday, October 12, 2003

3:07 pm
bonjourno dimanche before mon anniversaire. today i woke up at 7:30ish and quickly got dressed and left at 7:45 to get to choir practice stuff at 8 with megs. grooans. but it was a good practice w/ the womens' chorus once we got there, and the laity service was WONDERFUL! the hymns were good, and the lay readers were good, and DEBBIE AND ANDY WERE FANTASTIC! i looooved andy's especially. he talked about all the people he wanted to be like. "i want to be a child of art and laurie. i want to be the parent of a vinson. i want to be like eric. don't ask me why"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha. and we sang verry well, esp. at the 10:50 service. in between services me, allie, megs, laine, sarah, addy, molls, etc. went down to the village and got drinks. as i said, the 10:50 service was esp. good. i swear i felt the chancel shake as we reached "no more a stranger nor a guest but like a child at home". and we got out at 12!!! GASP! ya know what makes me mad though? wesley wasn't there. GRRR HE IS A MEMBER OF THIS CHURCH WHEN HE BECAME MINISTER HE BECAME A MEMBER. THAT MEANS PRESENCE IS NEEDED ON SUNDAYS. anyway. then we went home and got churches fried chicken and honey biscuits and ate and mom made choc. pie sent from heaven by grandpa. i ate so much that i went for a walk at sms (1 mile baby) and saw palmer. cool. then i came home and read foxtrot outside and pulled some weeds and now i should call elleny and work on my outline. choir and youth in a little bit. it's been a pretty good weekend. peace out guys
5 days :)

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