Sunday, October 19, 2003

2:20 pm
i have ten minutes before i need to finish my research paper. my party on saturday night was realllly fun. lotsa people showed up and we hung out in the basement; people played video games and crashed on the crashpads and talked and sang to "Chicago" and we had pizza and then mocha buttercream cake. i got really good stuff (hehe) and jules, hen, and mase gave me such a HYSTERICAL video of my life!!!! hahahaha "holy shit... she looks like a bear... we'll call her clairebear... AWWWWW!" :-D :P i love all my friends more than life itself. they are so wonderful. then yesterday i went to pumpkin unloading #2 w/ dad and mason. katie was there!! ok, it took us til 9 am til 2 pm- 5 WHOLE HOURS!!!!! i was so tired afterwards that i went home and took a loooong nap. then i worked some and ate salmon and relaxed and watched some of "the women" which i got for my birthday from mom and dad- also "a beautiful mind". 2 wonderful movies. this morning i went to practice with dad around school and stuff and then went to sunday school- nathan passed his test!! hehe. scary. had "rehash sunday", hehe and then went to church that was sort of long but ended up pretty short. went to the club w/ NN, PP, and the mccoys. they were really nice. now i really should go work before choir and youth. UGH RESEARCH PAPER. groan groan groan. i had a great weekend though!

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