Friday, September 12, 2003

9:27 pm
i cannot believe that john ritter is DEAD.
usually, movie stars and celebs, at least the younger ones (and yes, i consider 54 young) do not die of natural causes. they die of ODs, car accidents, murders, or something that comes along with the life they live. they don't die from something wrong with their aorta that had no symptoms. his show... it was sooooo good. sooo funny. i would watch it every tues. night if i were allowed to watch tv on tuesdays. i watched it a lot during the summer. i just can't comprehend that someone who was so funny and so alive is gone now. it sounds a bit overreactive that i'm saying this and i had only really seen 3 or 4 episodes of that show and i know he was on "3's company" and stuff loong before i was around but still, it's always such a shock, and maybe even more tragic sometimes when it's natural causes and not an accident. i dunno. god be with him and his family. also johnny cash... he's with june now.
last night on PBS there was the whole new york american experience documentary on again and it was so weird to see 9/11 happen all over again. especially with the planes flying into the buildings (amazing they caught it on tape) and hearing people yell "oh shit" over and over and over... and i wonder, what was i thinking at the moment the towers came down? because in a way, my thoughts are recorded on that tape too, even though i was miles away.. i was seeing it happen in real time and so my thoughts are there too.. i just wish i remembered them better, it was all such a blur but it was all so clear at the same time. it doesn't really bother me to watch it... i saw it happen when it was real and that was a whole lot worse because i had no idea if i would be alive in two years to watch it again. it really just makes me feel grateful for this country. i am not shocked nor horrified.. it was real and it happened but the terrorists didn't hit their target- the spirit and heart of america. yes, that's really hackneyed and corny and stuff but i don't really care.
today was fine, better than most days this week... went to le club de francais of which i am very happy just to be a paying member, NOT madame le president. got there in time for eclairs, brie and bread, and for justin to tell me that we got 100% on our group presentation in AP WH!!! YAYAYAY! :D thank you matt for answering those oral defense questions. then math was fine.. the AP W multiple choice test was eh, so so, ok, i know i got at least 4 right (bc one was a free bee and the last 3 didn't print which = credit)!! and i don't really care too much, i'll get better as i go. d. ed was sim. which is always better/less stressful than range and then i came home and took a nap. ahhh, nap. then mom and i went out to melton's and then brusters for ice cream. yum and double yum! have been home emailing and talking to my A and doing this. that's all. Kappa tomorrow night, should be fun. love yall!
ps- happy birthday my dearest marebear

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