Tuesday, September 30, 2003

6:27 pm
uhnnn. hi. bothersome life. not really. long stories. today was good up til dr. ed... failed onst. and need to retake. the annoying thing was that i have passed that part (lesson 2) before and i guess i was nervous or stupid or something..... i don't know. well, i made stupid mistakes and i know exactly what i did and it's really frustrating. i wanted to cry but i didn't, i finished and i went home. then went to cross country, which was pretty fun. i also feel a bit lazy or something or other for not getting info about all-state earlier. i figured it would be too late and it is but... just that ML and ms. bailey and kate have all told me i should do it and i respect their opinions and i want to please them. i know i should please myself first and i will. i mean, this way i will be able to get to all of fall retreat and stuff. my whole schedule just didn't work out. and i have two more yrs, i know. it's all good. mostly. i'm pretty hungry. meatloaf for dinner. but i have a craving for either tacos w/ hard shells or a chikfila sandwich. mason is playing gaelic storm. i miss ireland. but probably (HOPEFULLY!) going back this summer. i guess in a way it was good that i failed. well, not GOOD but... it helped me learn that life is so unexpected even when i think it's gonna go right, somehow by my control it doesn't. growl. but that's okay. i just can't wait til oct. 16. it will be a weekend night since there is no school on MY BIRTHDAY and we will all go out to mick's. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm only 2 weeks away!!!!!!!! i cannot wait!!!!! maybe tomorrow i will go to the volleyball game and then WNS. there is a youth program of some kind. i realllllly wanna watch the lotr trailer. i think it might be too much for our memory though. i am confused as to whether the COT essay is tomorrow or thurs. b/c (good news!) flowers cancelled the COM!!! Heehee yay. but we have a test fri. and i need to study for that. jeez, the weeks are going so fast. fast and slow. swim team starts oct. 20. i'm trying to think if there's anything else for me to say or if i am just wasting time now. and listening to lotr.net voices, hehe. fun stuff. i am dying for return of the king. i love the fellowship soundtrack, it's my favorite. the shire theme and the fellowship theme and rivendell and aniron for aragorn and arwen. and may it be and everything. goooooooodbye i think that's it.

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