Monday, September 22, 2003

5:36 pm
oooooooh funness this weekend. okaaaaaay
on friday- flowers POSTPONED our pres. til next week- grrrrowl cause i wanted to get it over w/!! but we watched a v. interesting PBS program on islam. ladeedaa... d.ed was actually okay.. did better on onst. than expected, yayay! and got it over w/ hehe.
then mommy picked me up and i finished packing and megs and cheryl came over and mom and cheryl left and me and megs and mase piled into the car and dad locked the door and we were all ready to go at 10 til 5...
...and he put the key in the ignition and turned...
...and it wouldn't start.
haha. never used that term before, fun fun. :P
(ooh, interruption!! GOOD SONG! "fight the break o/ dawn come tomorrow... save tonight...")
so dad jumped the jeep w/ the jetta and we left @ 5:15. drove and listened to CDs and ate bakery sandwiches, cookies in the car. got there are 8ish and hung around and walked around and explored our beloved campground and- IT WASN'T RAINING!!! :-D joy, elation, goodie! walked to the bathroom, then went to sleep...
woke up around 8 and had breakfast and talked and a little later went on a hike to those pretty rapids and waterfall things. then came back around 12 and ALLIE WAS THERE! YAY! so she, megs, and myself walked around and then the other gals pranked jeffrey and john by taking down their tent and then we lay down on the grass and tried to sleep but then the guys took our tent down and threw our stuff out (how nice of them) and we put it back up and went on a creek hike (COLD but nice and numbing:D) and then i climbed the tree w/ the rope and harness stuff paul had set up and i got all the way to the top but got really bad callousy blister things on my left hand, ouuuuch. then we had danced to drums and had a campfire... and i will finish later cause mase has to get on. love you all!

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