Wednesday, September 17, 2003

5:25 pm
hi. there was a bad gas main break this morning so nearly everyone (me included) was late and we got til 9:15 to get to class which was cool. math class makes me laugh. uhn it annoys me when i waste money. or sort of waste money. maybe i didn't. see i tho't i ordered single prints of pictures @ CVS but i apparently ordered doubles and i could have gotten it changed to singles but i decided to keep the doubles and pay for all of em. now i think that wasn't such a hot idea (only 30 minutes ago!!) and i have $27 plus change to get me thru the month... ah well, i spose that's the education in budgeting mum et pere were discussing. "make no mistakes- there are none" --oohhh i forgot who said it but it's in my agenda. anyway. so yeah. but doubles are good. i just need to crunch and stop getting starbucks for breakfast every sunday. hehehe... tough stuff dudes. today was fine- ap world was v. interesting cause we talked a lot about islam and it is really so similar to judaism and christianity. we are all worshipping the same being- Adonai, God, Allah. we are more alike than different. then art was fine, finished my portrait, which looks best if looked at from far away. i'd like to try another sometime, maybe with the doubles! :) started shading with colors. lunch was good, then d.e. was okay too- range wasn't horrible. i need to practice though. so then mom picked me up and we went to pat's and then went to cvs and now i am home doing this after just having an eclair. i should get to work esp. on the group presentation friday. tonight- homemade pizza! YAY! hope isabel doesn't cause much damage- i can't wait til this weekend either!!

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