Monday, September 29, 2003

5:20 pm
aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh hi.
monday is over. today was good though. flowers switched COT essay to wed. yayayayayay!!!!!! hehe. lovely COLD day. dr. ed was sim. so that was easy but it made my eyes tired. yesterday at youth was good b/c it was the faith discussion thing spurred from the debate bobo and i had a year and a half ago while washing dishes on youth week with nathan in the middle. hehe, goodtimes although everyone else was like SHUT UP STOP FIGHTING! then we made sandwiches and sang fast songs. when i got home things were upsetting just cause i was tired and stuff... long story. i just feel like i should appreciate each day more, but it's hard when they're all the same, esp. the weekdays. yesssss spose that's about it. 18 days til mon anniversaire!! heehee.

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