Thursday, September 18, 2003

5:07 pm
hola, demain c'est VENDRIDI!! YAYAYAYAY
ap world presentation though... grrrowl. but at least, no matter how good/bad we do, it will be over with for the weekend. today seemed to be a laughing day. i dunno why exactly. lotsa stuff. gotta go help sarah make tea...
camping this weekend! YAY! it better not rain. i have lots to do tonight so i can't make it to class night to find out about homecoming float stuff. oh well. i can deal. ok, here's what i have to do:
-get clothes washed
-finish getting info for my group pres.
-study for my math test (if i have time)
-do 2 d.ed pgs verrry well cause she's taking them up
-work on my research paper info
-make sure i know enough on my presentation for oral defense
-essay/study guide stuff? that is only if i have time cause it's awhile from now but i feel i should get a head start, ya know?
yiyiyiyi. but to tell the truth, i'm not too nervous about the presentation. i just hope i know my stuff and i hope we all have enough stuff. yepyepyep.
ok i spose my tea is done now. i don' think i'll have time to write tomorrow cause we'll be in a huge hurry to get out the door, but you know my family, who knows how long it'll actually take. oh, and breakfast club this morning was fun.

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