Tuesday, September 23, 2003

5 pm
hi, i gotta go to the cross country meet soon, but i will write first i spose.
oh yes to continue about the weekend-
me and allie and megs talked a lot after we went to sleep and then on sun. we packed up and left... a nice ride home, i slept and then we had to go to choir and then i went for some o/ youth but i had lizzie's party to go to. and then i came home and watched the emmys.
yesterday i slept til 10:35 am, then went to panera for lunch w/ mom and to ch 11 to get lizzie's present.. then home for movies and LOTR and then homework, etc. etc... yeah. and it rained all day, how nice.
today was a good day- in math we went to see beat a student day.. and then i presented in ap world and it went well. oh and we got progress reports and i got an 89 in that class, a 93 in math, 94 in art! yay. so i am home and now we are leaving to go to the meet. peace guys, i love you.

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