Wednesday, September 24, 2003

4:54 pm
bonjourno all-~~-
2 days left this week, hehe. today was another good day, although started out being really annoying cause i was extreeeeemely tired and hungry but it got better... finished presenting in world history, yay, don't have to worry about that anymore. range was really good today actually.. yayay! i don't think we're gonna go to WNS b/c mommy has offered to bake chicken pie and i dunno what they're having @ wns. hrm. i am talking to dearest mayray and looking @ the LOTR website- uhnnn they STILL won't let us click on the RoTK icon! dang them. dec. 17, dec. 17!!! excitement. yaaaaawn. breakfast club tomorrow. ooh john mayer. i like the new song. chicken pie for dinner!! YAYAYAY. sunny. oh, on the bus ride home, me, lauren, elleny, and andy had a sing along!! Haha it was funny/fun. i spose that's it... peace out. oh wait i'm not done- last night the premiere o/ "8 simple rules" was sooooo good and funny and hysterical... and so so so so sad that he is gone!!!!!

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