Tuesday, September 02, 2003

4:46 pm
hrm. mon frere is sick, poor little masey. some virus thing. last night megs and i went to see "seabiscuit". it was good. beforehand, we were a bit late, so she rushed to get tickets and i rushed to get pretzels and drinks... ahhh pretzels and coke in the back of a movie theater with only one preview is so wonderful. mmm. hehe. today we got progress reports (like they really matter 3 wks into the semester) and i have an 87 in math, an 87 in AP WH (YESSSS! :D), and a 96 in art. they didn't have our dr. ed scores on there. oh well, i think i'm doing okay. la dee da... there should be a cross country meet at either 5 or 5:30 but i'm not sure which. i'll take my time on this for now though. homework: math test tomorrow, also linear art proj. due the 12th. AP WH: work on research paper i guess, get info for group presentation. DE: wkbk pgs 38-39. fun fun fun. 3 more days this week. marty's party (ooh! rhymes!) is on fri. night, that'll be fun. ole SMSers, i spose will be present. to cross country meet or not to cross country meet...??? that is the question. miss my youth peoples. can't wait til the weekend. i think i shall do some skating and then singing. def. glad to read david's blog and know he's doing well, as well as katie and austin and of course the emails from mary ann. my collegiate pals.. i love them so! that's all. peace

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