Wednesday, September 10, 2003

4:27 pm
clairey is (semi) back to her (semi) non busy self! yay. at least for today. actually tonight is the first WNS and then megs and i are gonna cram for essay but til then... nada. how nice is that? anyway, on monday i went to my orthodonist appt. and they were fantastic enough to tighten my braces making my teeth very sore and having this wire sort of thing sticking in the back of my mouth. well maybe it's not a wire, but it hurts. then i went straight to chris's house to work on our group thing with the guys. let me tell you just how much fun it is to be with 4 guys. (there is a teensy bit of sarcasm in this. really they aren't horrible, but boys shall be boys) then i got home around 7, ate and worked and went around the neighborhood w/ daddy. got to bed around 11:30 which pissed me off. tuesday, another looong annoying day, but afterwards it was fun because i came home and did some work and then went to the cross country meet and kelly and elena were there and jess was running and other peoples. oh yes and i saw paul bien sur. and my dear bo. i hope she finds peace with whatever she decides to do. then mom and nana and myself went to see "les mis" @ le fab FOX. FUN!! even though i had been deciding about it cause of hw stuff and all. but it was such a great show, i am glad i went. it's so emotional and i cried several times. love eponine, name, songs, and character. and when gavroche dies, well that is probably the worst thing in the whole show. but i went to bed around 12:30. today was good actually, got my part of the presentation in AP W outta the way.. and stuff. yummy lunch even though my teeth are in pain. sim. in dr. ed, not range. heehee. not lookin forward to lesson 2. anyways, gotta go walk doggies. love yall v. much

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