Sunday, September 07, 2003

4:08 pm
yes, i know, aren't you disappointed in the claires because she didn't blog yesterday, or on friday when she got home from marty's. oops. sorry folks, i was either too tired or lazy or busy or all of the above to care.
right now, i am on the laptop which is way cool. i love being up here in the guestroom instead of in the basement where you are separated from everything. granted, i guess i'm separated up here too, but it's a nicer, lighter separation because at least i can see the backyard and here the doggies barking like the crazy ones that they are. hrm. today is sunday. that is a good/bad thing. it is good b/c of course sunday = starbucks + sunday school + church w/ my homeslices + lunch w/ the fam + choir + youth. but of course it's bad b/c sunday = less than 24 hours til monday which = school which = ap world hist. and dr. ed. fun fun fun... gosh durn.
but anyways, i suppose i should elaborate on the party that took place at M's on friday, 8 mos. after her birthday but still celebrating it all the same. those present- me, emily, elisa, tay, laura, claire (the other one), jess (yay! my jess!), laura l, andrea, liam (wow. hadn't seen him in forever), andrew (same w/ him), lucas (ditto), henri (ditto- i can't remember if that's the way he really spells his name, but i spell it like that at least cause of francais classe), noah g, some henderson peoples i'd never met, and other people but i cannot remember. as the only DH person there, i just HAD to wear my team suit, hehe. oh and bien sur vic and mase were there. we swam in the (chilly) pool but mainly piled into the hot tub which was soooooooo warm... ahhhhhhhhhhh and liam and daniel made up raps it was funny. and marty and i talked in code about her predicament w/ the subj. of her predicament right in front of us. :) secrets, secrets. and i talked w/ jess and them and everyone- so good to see my SMSers again! i miss em. the Ls provided great food as usual, pizza, egg rolls, popcorn, etc. etc... and then cheese cake and chocolate cake and it was too amazing and yummy for words. so 4 1/2 hrs of fun with old friends.
yesterday morning i went to the YAAB @ 10 to skate w/ kids... had fun- helped this cute little girl named destiny try and learn how to skate, which was maybe a lost cause (i doubt it, i hope she got it!) but enjoyable. looooove skating. then NN & PP picked me up and we went to the nursing home to sing alongside westopher, chris, allie, and other peoples. always enjoy that. afterwards i went home and got a teensy bit of work done (haha, this AP stuff is killing me... another essay cette semaine, joy), then went to J's house and her and LN and moi walked to emily's and i borrowed "2nd helpings" my megan mcafferty, sequel to the wonderful "sloppy 1sts". but this one is SO MUCH BETTER and i LOVED IT. i read it for i dunno how long before i went to sleep and the only reason i stopped was cause my little reading lamp was starting to dim. but anyway, they were talking about making a doc. about jesus or something and i felt kinda weird about that. they just get along better and they see each other more. so after 45 mins or so i walked home cause i had to work and also- GO SEE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN w/ MEGS AND K!!! oooh we had fun. that movie rocks. afterwards they dropped me off @ home and i had the house to myself for awhile cause everyone else was at some party or another. so i watched LOTR: TTT and enjoyed being by myself.
today i showered, went to starbucks, and then SS- nathan was there, and it was great to see him. then went to church w/ everyone and couldn't stop reading "2nd Hs"... sooooo good. went to lunch w/ fam, then came home and slept for about an hour. got up and worked some... gosh i am such a procrastinator. and now i've gotta go to choir. love yall.

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