Sunday, September 28, 2003

4:05 pm
hallo all. it's a GORGEOUS and i mean GORGEOUS sunday afternoon in the fall days of september. ahhhh bliss. except for AP world essays to be studied for as well as research papers. oh well, it's all G as my dearest A would say. whom i just emailed. anyways, yesterday was so nice. just hung around and watched tv and stuff. while mom and dad were gone at debbie's thing and mase was at gabby's, i watched some of TITANIC and then some of oscars 98-03 (my favorite moments, heehee) and then "remember the titans" was on ABC and of course it was filmed at my schools so that rocks. so, so cool. then i went to bed and read foxtrot.
today i woke up and showered and went to some of sunday school but then we had to go sing in choir and stuff. the service was fine, a little boring sermon by the guy from the university but oh well. got out at 12. oh yes, and guess who was there?! My ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D grin. she cut her hair SO short!! but it looks awesome, verry sophisticated for my college gal. plus her rose sun glasses, hehe. it was wonderful to see my big sister. then we had the church picnic which was so much fun and yummy. paul d. was there for venture scouts. then i came home and took a nap til 3ish, then did some work on the essay COT on tues. groan. now am doing this. gotta go around 4:30 but i really should research some for my paper. yepyepyep. outline is due oct. 13 and i am doing well on it. hope my DBQ stuff went well.
oh yes, and i think i shall have to go see "secondhand lions" b/c the RoTK trailer is on it!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! or maybe i should just wait til tomorrow when it's out online. i loooove it. whoa the computer just made a weird sound. And BILLY BOYD just talked!!!!! he said "hello this is billy boyd. welcome to" WOW!!! because i am on that site, well duh. i never have the sound up so i had no idea that happened. COOOOOL! wow, and i did it again and brad dourif, wormtongue, did it!! i should keep doing it!! :) and now karl urban, eomer!!! DUDE THIS IS SOOOO NEAT. miranda otto... ian holm... dom!!!!...christopher lee...andy that is really neat.
ok i'm off and away.
dum da dum...

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