Sunday, September 14, 2003

3:51 pm
sunday sunday sunday... if school weren't demain it would be glorious. anyway.. wow i really need to write my college peeps. i miss em. oh yes, anyway. last night i went to the shakespeare tvn. w/ emily s, allie r, jules, jo(hanna), and elleny. we volunteered and got free drinks and 25% off food and a free show. it was fuuuun! bused tables and such. the show was "12th night" and the fool was absolutely HILARIOUS! i really like comedies so much better than tragedies. we had fun laughing and swaying (hehe) and stuff. plus, 5 hours out of 12 for kappa!! yay! today was starbucks, sunday school, church... then blimpi and homework and LOTR and dog walking and now nearly choir and such. SLIDE SHOW TONIGHT- YEAAAA! heehee. :) i contributed.
ok that's all. PEACE

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