Monday, September 01, 2003

12:38 pm
halllooooo happy labor day all! yayayay. three day weekends rock. so here was mine-
got home from 1/2 day obviously, walked to LRS w/ nazia and melissa, saw ms. S, walked home, packed, went and got marty and vic, and had a good time in the rainy traffic listening to cds and such and singing and talking. finally got to the dear ole mtn. house around 8 and ate dinner avec NN, PP, ML, allison, and brian. fun stuff. we gave the tour and then had anger management/therapy group (hehe) on the porch. then went to me and marty's room... the two of us talked til 12:30. yay! then we were awakened by victor banging on our window (thanx vic, really appreciated that) around 9ish, so we ate breakfast and hung out and then went down to the LAKE! YAY! marty and mom swam across and back (i swam halfway), we dove in, sun bathed, ate potato crackers (mmmm), took boat rides to the swimming rock and dove off there, waited out the rain for gorgeous sun, etc. etc. went back up to the house and showered, marty braided my hair very coolly. we ate BBQ chicken done v. well by PP, logan showed up, ML and the kids left, marty and i played "guillotine", then we all headed down to the lake in the dark and sat on the boat and the dock as the mist rolled in. it was great. went to sleep, etc.... slept til 9 yesterday morning, ate breakfast, debated religion and such (fun!), went to the lake, i swam across with marty and mom, then they did it again w/ victor... canoed, kayaked, went to swimming rock again, rescued one of mom's flip flops, etc. etc... went back and packed and it started to rain and we left, listening to more great cds. stopped at the pink pig restaurant and had BBQ for dinner (actually i had fried chicken)... verrrrry yummy. finally had to take marty and vic home. sniff sniff. :( we had such a wonderful time! oh yes, may i add that tons of badminton and frisbee were also played during the time we were there. then after we dropped them off, mom went to see doggies and dad, mase, and i took off to blockbuster and bought TTT!!!! yay!!!! came home and watched it. soooo beautiful. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE RETURN OF THE KING ON DEC. 17 WHICH IS THE START OF FINALS, DANG IT!!!!!! ahhhhh. ok time for homework. hopefully megs too! peace,

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