Friday, September 26, 2003

10:21 pm
ughhhh thank god.
not that today wasn't a good day, which it was. actually, yesterday was a wonderful day too. all around good week. yesterday went to breakfast club, then to school and had fun... gosh i love math, something i never imagined i would say. and we had a reallllly interesting debate/discussion w/ religion in AP world, which was so much fun. learned and enjoyed a lot. art was art, enjoyable in itself, lunch was lunch, also fine, debated more as i recall, then d.ed. w/ sim. which is better than rnge. although that too is getting better. then went back to school, sat outside and did my math homework, and then went to the AWESOME volleyball game tournament thing. it was a blast to go to!! DH WON BABY!! beat LHS & DHS. heehee. alyssa was there!! good to see her. we beat er though, but i love her anyway. :) ms. ross came and it was great to sit with her, and noah was there and dan r. and others. we cheered and watched and then megs and jen and laura and AJ sat w/ us after they played and we talked and laughed and cheered for LHS playing DHS. jen: GOOOO LHS CAUSE I HATE DHS!!!!!!!!!! soooo outspoken jen but i adore her for it. then came home and watched tv and such cause i had no hw and the "friends" premiere was ok, but as someone has said before (forgot whom), the longer monica's hair gets, the worse the show gets. but the LAST SEASON! noooo! will & grace was good though.
then today was fine, went to school, DBQ in AP W which was harder than last time but i finished it before bell rang so hopefully it's ok. then rnge. in d. ed was GOOD! really really good. and then i talked to elleny and lauren on the bus home and then i was HOME!! YAY! and i made cookies and watched tv all afternoon. so nice. then we had pizza and mom and myself watched about a boy. i want the soundtrack. ok that's all. OH- and billy crystal is the oscar 04 host!!! YEA BABY! yayayay. love you all, great weekend cheers

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