Tuesday, August 12, 2003

9:32 PM
wow, time to write, didn't think i'd get that today.
better than yesterday at least... i reallllly like math, which is something i NEVER tho't i'd say, and maybe i won't say it ever again since it's just the second day and all. ms. ross is really nice and we are doing easy algebraic stuff that i understand so far. so yay!
ap world is okay... even though it still scares me, just because i know that this stuff he's giving us now is easy because it's the beginning of the year... and it's just gonna get worse. and then the next year will be hard work and the next... and i know that all my academic idols like diane, mike, etc. didn't get much sleep. GREAT. i neeeeed my sleep! i was working on ap homework for about 2 hours tonight... hrm. but IT WILL BE OKAY. i must convince myself of that, i must, i must. i am asking for more hugs from mom lately though.. makes me feel better.
visual arts is fine. calming class, i spose.
lunch is great, there are so many people that i don't know who(m?) to sit with. but that is better than having to sit alone or w/ people you don't enjoy.
dr. ed was better today, the bus ride was fun and all and i didn't forget my permit so that made me feel more relieved. we'll see how late they get us home tomorrow, grrrr. but it ends on oct. 11, before my birthday & everything, and before the homecoming parade! hehehe, i was happy about that.
mase wants to get on... god be w/ diane in CA.. i miss her already, though i know megs doesn't :P

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