Sunday, August 17, 2003

9:30 pm
hi, great times today. and last night of course. jessie's party ROCKED the house, with all my old SMS homefries we danced the night away to verrrrry loud music. plus silly string! hahaha. so happy late bday again jess my dearest.
this morning went cruisin around the neighborhood, v. freakish for the clairey. then went to sunday school (promotion sun.!!!) and choich (the NYC "church") and sat w/ the molls, eric, katie, (my college pals!!!!:D) etc. etc. george, ben, etc. allie acolyted. then went to lunch with the fam (wow, lotsa "the"s) & clare r., then home and dad and i drove around to 4 drugstores trying to develop my digital camera car pics for dr. ed project... took about an hour or so. came home, did project, then dressed up for the wonderful mahvelous dinner partay that took place in the fellowship hall this evening.
we had a great time, austin and eric the "guests" (ha! no fair!) came, and then allie and i had a blast singing in our chapel!! and talking to people and stuff. looooove my crowd.
okay now i am drinking tea and trying to do this and i have to finish my project... yes. that's all. pat appt. tomorrow, hopefully i'll get back to school before buses, etc. love you all MADLY so email moi!

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