Saturday, August 09, 2003

7:37 pm
i am happy right now cause i am talking to my awesome brother david. yay. he and eric shall be @ l'eglise tomorrow, as will the molls (jez) i hope, so maybe we could go to panera or something or other. *cross fingers* hmmmmm... so billy brown was fun, got a lot of stuff planned, kickoff is gonna ROCK. yayay! except gotta get thru a week of school before that... oh wellza. it's gotta happen sometime. but there was a lot of laying around and card playing and mafia stuff and the best was CHARADES last night- hysterical!!! heehee. well i need to go eat and walk doggies and call molls, etc. etc. so peace out yall... last NIGHT OF SUMMER!!! ACK! love,

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