Monday, August 11, 2003

6:25 pm
i am talking to michael and allie, which helps me.
the day was okay- here's a short lowdown:
walked around with ellen, was gonna get schedule changed but woodall said tell homeroom teacher and she'll email the counselor. then home room teacher said no schedule changes will be made WHATSOEVER so i said okay and sat down. math was okay, i like ms. R, megs is with me and so are other people. took an algebra pretest and did fairly well. then went to AP world, which is realllllly scary!!!! i liked flowers, but the workload is sOOOOOO much, even if it's in a year. i am now talking to lauren and she is talking to soffe and others about the homework and we are all a bit confused. even though i've already done most of it. i wanted to get it out of the way. so now i am asking megs. anyway. visual arts is okay, but i wanted chorus. C lunch, however, is FANTABULOUS. please god i don't get moved out of it... i guess i am just paranoid now since i got moved last year. PAUL WAS THERE!!! and lizzie and LN and jules and megs and laura and daniel and martha and nazia and EVERYONE! heehee how wonderful. driver's ed... another story. the bus ride there was fairly fun, it takes up a lot of time and stuff. #1 though, i forgot my permit, dang. oh well, it was only orientation. but we were divided into groups and stuff and they told us that we wouldn't usually get out until 3:40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is absolutely NUTS. i am soooo confused about that. i enjoyed riding the bus home w/ jules and hen, but there is no way i am getting back to school around 4 every day for 9 weeks. although the nine weeks seems to end just around mon anniversaire, 10-13 or the like or something. anyways... it poured when we were on the bus and then mom picked me up at hannah's and then we drove home and daddy was there cause we had car trouble earlier and stuff and so we talked about the first day and then mom and i walked down to meet mase at the bus stop. then i came home and worked on my history hw and i started typing this and then i had to go eat dinner (it's 7:10 now) and now i'm back. we are going to walk the dogs and such i think. cammack said we don't have a gals coach yet, "cause no one wants to coach yall!" well duh. :) i reallllly missed mike, austin, di, buffy, philip, etc. today. *sniff* kat and laura and laura and michael etc are SENIORS! NO WAY! ACK! ladeeda... goodbye.
it is SUCH a comfort to come home and find my amazing parents there waiting for me and loving me and helping me through. home is such a comfort to me. god may it always be that way. and i KNOW it's not the end of the world since AP world is scary. i know it. i just need to keep reminding myself of it. AMEN!
ps- oh yes, last night at youth was fun... games and such. i STILL have not been broken at honey if you love me... even though chris tried his best. but dammit, he didn't put me in a tight enough spot!! hehe. lester's voice calms me down so... and allie's comforting presence is such a blessing. i love them all. KICKOFF IS SUNDAY!

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