Monday, August 25, 2003

6:19 pm
hullo, what a day, what a day. hrmmmmmm siiiiigh yaaaaawn.
well, first off, last night was fun. choir kickoff was great and then youth was icebreakers/slip n slide. as amy said, i think this was one of the only times ever in my history in the group at least that we were all sitting down at 6:35 and we were through with the prayer by 8:30. there were TONS of people, esp. new ones, sevvies and non-sevvies (hehe). we sang "al la la la" (yay!!!) and some other songs and then played mafia (harder to do in a big group) and then did the slip n slide. i was not really planning to slip and slide but then they pulled megs in and then my DEAREST megs pulled me in too. thanks a lot, megan. hehe just kidding darling. then we had the devotional created by moi et my A. then we had a squeeze prayer and went home wet.
now, today. went to school, had a math quiz- megs dyed her hair dark red!!! not #15 or whatever, hehe. then went to ap world (ugh), planned with group and then watched a very interesting video on greece and atlantis and stuff- i think we have a test on it tomorrow, oh joy, oh elation, oh goodie. then went to art and had fun shading figures and creating gray scales; i really enjoy that class actually, it's a nice break and i have good peoples at my table: jasmine, michael, zeke, eric, etc. then lunch with megs- something was different and i had no idea until she pulled out this huge bag of tootsie rolls and caramel creams and smiled and i realized that she doesn't have braces anymore!!!!! :D YAYAYAYAYAYAY MEGS!!!! heehee. whoops, didn't notice for a momento there. anyway, after that went to dr. ed which was fine, it was the loooong version which is why i am writing so late. the people who took the bus back to DH left around 3:45; we left (those who were being taken to our houses) around 4 or so, and do you want to know how long it took me and hannah to get home today? it took us 2 HOURS!!!!!! we were on that bus from 4ish to nearly 6. it was the most annoying thing in the world. me and palmer were like "aren't buses supposed to have a ROUTE?!" ugh hopefully i won't have to be doing that for the rest of the 7 weeks. grrrrowl. but i got home about 30 minutes ago and ate blueberry muffins and i've been reading and relaxing. i only have ap world homework so i can do that later. got an email from my voluptuous woman buffy!!! yay! glad to hear she is doing well. that's about it... i love you all very much, esp. you college peoples. PEACE!

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