Friday, August 22, 2003

4:55 pm
yo dudes~
wassup? C'EST VENDRIDI, that's what's up!!! HEEHEEHEE YEEHA! even though i have homework and even though i have stuff on my mind, YAY!!! the damned essay is over and done with and i don't care how i did at the moment, just that i am home and have no school for 2 days. :) hee. tonight we are going to rent "chicago". tomorrow i am up to the crazy house that contains mes cousins, but i am happy to be going. we'll be back after supper tomorrow and then sunday of course is ICEBREAKERS and SLIP N SLIDE and CHOIR KICKOFF!!!! altos RULE THIS UNIVERSE, in case yall didn't know. even without our wonderful alto matriarch di. :( so who's the matriarch now? dear god, could it be molls and myself? NOOOO! i am soooo old! god be with austin and alex as they move this week. give them strength and courage and happiness. and lots of other things. ok i think that's about it...~~~~~ peace and have a grrrreat weekend!!

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