Wednesday, August 13, 2003

4:38 pm
hallllllo there. not much work tonight, must be a fluke! :) ah well, enjoy it while i can. today was good. homeroom in the mornings is really annoying since there's nothing to do and all we did have to do was take the stupid discipline brochure test that we have had to take since 1ST GRADE!!!! urgh. but then i read "hope was here" so it's all good. that is a really entertaining book, esp. since it's about wonderful food. addie, pls. come cook pour moi! math is fun so far, i like the teacher and my class is pretty good. megs is there, adrienne, jen, warren, etc. we haven't had any homework yet either. so at lunch i'm always like "nazia... how much hw has dr. G given yall yet?? hehehe..." but i'm sure it will come soon. it's a little bit disturbing that there's so little now because that probably means they will drop the bomb on us... GRRRR. but maybe not (ha, suuure clairey). whooooa, arwen's eyes are really up close on the LOTR site. they still aren't letting us know anything for RoTK!!! but in newsweek yesterday they said it is a FRONTRUNNER for the best picture. yeehaa!!! ok, that was off topic, which is what my teachers were on today. ms. ross talked about the football team and flowers talked about college football. but anyway. ap world wasn't horrible, we took lots of notes and we have an essay comparison thing on friday which is not so cool. tomorrow is gracie's 5th birthday, dear lord that is amazing. party tomorrow night, so i'll need to finish my work before it. talking to hal about school.. dr. ed was okay, tomorrow we are in cars! ack!!! god be w/ me. hehe. so not much else is going on, i love yall muchly.. e-mail moi!

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