Monday, August 18, 2003

4:37 pm
yawn. ugh i have a cold. and i am sleepy. maybe i'll go take a rest upstairs. mom says i can have 10 minutes cause after that she needs to get on the phone. it seems i have been making more spelling errors recently. that is really weird. and it was random. so here we go.
last night was awesome!!!! hehe. went early and helped set up for the dinner partay and then went over things with ems and addy and everyone. then people starting arriving... austin and eric came, yay! my boys. and molls, and lots of other people. yay new sevvies!!! heeheehee. and just plain ole new peoples. so we ate (and of course the parentes and "guests" went first- grrrr A and E so we- the youth- just got mac and cheese and bread and dessert and lots of carbs. ah well, c'est la vie. it was still good. no fried chicken or cheesecake though!!) and laughed and talked and welcomed and then the youth council (YAHOOO!) did our little thing, freaking out about allie's curling iron and running up stairs to le petit chapel, such a beautiful spot. allie and i were waiting for all the people to come visit us so we started singing "sanctuary" and then "waves of mercy" and "amazing grace". that chapel has the best echoing ever. and we talked to the people and introduced ourselves, and read them the clues, etc. then after everyone had come the sevvies had to play the human knot and charades (BILLY BROWN 03!!!!!!) to get amy back from the evil counselor clutches. it was so fun talking to mollie, austin, and eric and others. yayayayay. ok.
today was ehhhh, it's monday, ya know. plus my cold and tiredness and a bit of wheeziness. hrrrm. homework... had a pat appt. tonight is open house but i am not going.. i think publix sandwiches for dinner, yay! ok, that's all. peace guys, good health and love to yall

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