Friday, August 15, 2003

4:31 pm
aloha mes amis! C'EST VENDRIDI!!!! MERCI MON DIEU!
la dee da dee da... and yes, there is homework to be done, but i shall do it tonight and then not have to worry about it for the weekend!! bravo, clairey! tomorrow jules and LN are having a drag party of some sort at J's house and then at night is jessie's party!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!!!! oprah has the crocodile hunter guy on the show. he's verrrry enthusiastic. today was a pretty good day, just for the fact that there is no school for 2 days. thank god. plus, kickoff is sunday!! YAHOOOOOOO! allie and i are pumped- worship and music, YEA BABY! jeez lots of people are on IM but most of them are away. grr. i want athens for dinner. i need to do homework... godspeed, fun, and peace to david, S, L, G, and E as they head off tomorrow- and to david when he heads back up to the frigid cold where i think there may be a blackout at this point. that whole blackout thing is really weird, but it's cool because no one is robbing really and they are handing out sandwiches on the streets so it's more like a block/street party than anything i guess. ugh i have a driver's ed project to do this weekend, dang. i wish the LOTR site would let us click on the link to RoTK!!! about 4 months, i can't wait! but TTT comes out a week from tuesday. yawnyawnyawn. ate ice cream when i got home, very nice. i like riding the bus home w/ jules and bianca and peoples. ya know what i have stuck in my head? "like an eagle", from chorus last year- about a year exactly. so strange. PEACE OUT DUDES, I LOVE YALL!

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