Thursday, August 21, 2003

4:23 pm
ugh i feel like i need to write quickly cause i have so much homework to do tonight. wanna hear about it? good, you will, cause that's why you're here. so here we go:
#1, the most MAJOR problem at the momento--- flowers' COM essay tomorrow. damn. it would have been a lot easier on all of us if he could have kept it to last friday. now we have all freaked out for about a week or just given up because he told us we would fail. so he gave us the rubric (spelled it "rubrik"- which one is right????) today, right? and if we follow the rubric SPECIFICALLY then we will do well. prob is, i dunno if i have all the info to do well on the rubric and therefore to do well on the essay. and i will have the worst feeling ever tomorrow if i get in there and he rolls the two civs i know least about (probably china and some other) and will write the little that i know and just sit there.... or try to BS my way through. just cross fingers that i am patient and nonprocrastinatory (is that a word?!) enough to get work done tonight and get information stuck in my head.
#2, ANOTHER DE project, this one seems more annoying. i want to get the most points i can but i don't know if i'll do the one that has the most points. something about taking pics of really unusual road signs or something strange. hrm. that's due tuesday and i would like to get it done by the weekend hopefully cause i am going outta town all day sat. to C with dad and mase to visit david and kelly and the kids. fun but it subtracts time for work.
#3, math worksheet. not horrible, but must be done by tomorrow because math is 1st period.
#4, DE workbook pages and reading. gotta remember stuff for range, GREAT.

anyway, i have been coughing and coughing today. went to breakfast club this morning, me, daniel, megs, and amy. yummy. and eric and laura and paul and mom. yvonne's has the BEST DARN PANCAKES IN THE WORLD! and don't you forget it. sigh. and then made it to the end of le club de francais. congrats, jo and jules and allie and emily and laura and whoever else!! school was okay, it goes fairly fast. but we are all going nutso about essay. help us god. @ least demain c'est VENDRIDI!!!! YAYAY! kappa mtg. tomorrow too, whoo hoo. mase's home. peace

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