Tuesday, August 26, 2003

4:10 pm
well, home earlier because mommy my dearest picked me up. we'll see what happens for the rest of the week. hrm.... today was fairly good. i really am enjoying math (WHAT?! who would have tho't claire would EVER say that?!?!?) and then i felt empowered (hehe) in AP WH when i answered questions and got my questions answered and stayed true to myself. saw paul!!! it makes my day when i see him, cause i never do anymore. did range in dr. ed. and i was soooo sweaty. everyone was, it's hot as blazes out there! let's hope there are drs. at the cross country meet just in case... yes, that's right, in about an hour or so, i will hopefully be making my way to dear ole sms for the meet. wanna see my friends. about a yr. ago shai died... god be w/ her family. hmmmmm i need to get info for my research project. yepyepyep. sleeepyness. be w/ daddy on his trip as well. TTT is out today, YAY!!!!! must rent. or buy. hehe. peace out, i think that's all. love you guys..

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